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Guest Post by Social Media Dad, David Harry, from the HuoMah Blog

1 Comment 02 May 2008

This guest post comes from David Harry, aka The GypsyDavid is the founding father of the HuoMah Blog, and the seventh in my series of Social Media Dads.

Lamentations of a wandering Web Gypsy

Hi, my name is Dave, I am an algo-holic – not so sure that I am much more than a social media flirting father; more so than a Social Media Dad. While I have been noted for Sphinning, called a Social Media Ninja; I am but a humble search geek at heart.

And from time to time my own curiosities have lead to muse and investigate the world of social media marketing, but nothing more. Though addicted to Sphinn and I ocassionally Stumble and Twitter, it is rare to see this Gypsy Digg or Mixx it up and I have never bothered to put my Face(book) in (My)Space. Mostly I enjoy socializing with chatter about search… but Social Media Dad? Maybe..

In many ways the lack of social space activity is directly related to me being a father. You see, there was a time last year that I began to understand that my children were spending far too much time looking at the back of my head as the hours melted away. Between the three companies we operate, dozens of websites I manage and time spent networking, there was little in the way of quality time left to nurture and enjoy my children’s growth.

Please stop the ride I want off!!

One thing is for sure, you’re unlikely to catch me at a conference, Twittering my life away nor Stumbling past my children’s youth anytime soon. In the years to come when the teens are upon us and my kids forget what I look like, there will be plenty of time to consume with further ventures and social affairs, but not now.

And so, since I have been tasked with giving advice about social media or endeavours for greatness it is this; be true to yourself. Now and again the ’15 minutes of fame’ may come your way; enjoy it for such that it is. Fleeting and often unsatisfying, little measure of worth. Sometimes it is the quality of your efforts, other times blind faith, neither is worth your soul. Go for the enojyment of others not the adoration of sheep, the journey should find you more fufilled.

If you are participating in the social sphere for personal reasons or as part of your daily grind, remember it is but a small measure and unlikely as important as it is to be a father, husband or child in this life. Healthy, happy and wise are the benchmarks for success in life, the social dramas there but to amuse. Don’t take social spaces too seriously; it is unlikely worth the potential price…

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself”. Friedrich Nietzsche – German philosopher (1844 – 1900)

… cya on the trails – Dave

P.S. one can’t be a great father without a great wife

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  1. Mark Dykeman says:

    Nice one, Dave.

    I wish I’d known that we were supposed to include PICTURES… no one will believe that I have any now… 😉

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