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Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

0 Comments 05 December 2012

With the holiday season upon us, why not do something fun with the kiddos? These salt dough ornaments are so easy to make and kids love them! Just a few simple steps and you’ll have customized ornaments bring any Christmas tree to life!


What You Need:

2 Cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of table salt
3/4 cup of water
Rolling pin
Ribbon or String
Acrylic paint (if desired)


Pour flour, salt, and water together in a bowl and mix until dough forms.

DSC 0130 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Remove the dough from the bowl, sprinkle clean area with flour and kneed the dough for about 5 minutes.

DSC 0133 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Once your dough is nice and smooth, form little dough balls and roll out with a rolling pin.

DSC 0137 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Being sure to keep dough at least a quarter inch thick.

DSC 0139 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Use cookie cutters, hand prints, or foot prints in your dough to create your one of a kind ornament!

DSC 0141 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Make sure to use a straw to create a hole on your ornament so that it can be threaded and hung up.
Place dough on greased aluminum foil on your cookie sheet.

DSC 0151 Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Cook for about an hour on 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
When the ornaments are removed from the oven they should be hard, if they are still doughy, cook them a little longer.
Once cooled, decorate as desired using acrylic paint or glitter. Don’t forget your ribbon/string to hang the ornament on the tree to show off your work!


pixel Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

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